Scaffolding Services: Achieve A Safety Building And Construction Operation

Alta Scaffolding offers you a for-hire job to ensure the safety of your building and construction work.

What is scaffolding?

Scaffolding is a fleeting means of support used by trades in their building and other construction industry to maintain and help services in any plant operation. Scaffolding is a means of access or a platform to work to support materials. Also, it protects the people working below the building.

Scaffolding is also called staging. It is a temporary structure used for supporting materials and work crew to aid in the maintenance, repair, and construction of bridges, buildings, and all other man-made structures.

Types of scaffolding services

Alta Scaffolding is necessary to perform all types of construction work. Construction work differs in its complexities, which means different types of scaffolding system is required. It is essential to choose the right scaffolding system for the construction work. So, it renders the best feasible safety at the workplace.

Alta Scaffolding

Scaffolding is a provisional structure used for providing support to the original structure and functions, a platform for the workers performing the construction works. The type of scaffolding work on the type of construction work, as well. Hence, types of scaffolding differ from each other.

Scaffolding is well-built, firm, and strong to support workers and construction materials, either timber or steel scaffolding is made up of.

Here are the different types of scaffolding:

  • Trestle scaffolding. The working platform supports tripods and movable ladders. It is usually up to 5m height for work inside the room, such as:
    • Repairs
    • Paintings
  • Steel scaffolding. The material is made from steel tubes set jointly by couplers or steel fittings, simple to dismantle and erect. Better features of this type of scaffolding are:
    • Robustness
    • Greater durability
    • Superior fire resistance

Steel scaffolding is cost-wise, providing greater safety for the workers. It is the precise reason why this type of scaffolding is used widely nowadays.

  • Patented scaffolding. It is made from steel. But, it is fitted with frames, special couplings, etc. It is a ready-made scaffolding that is obtainable in the market. The working platform is set on the brackets, adjustable to the needed level.
  • Suspended scaffolding. It is used for repair works, painting, etc. It is a type of scaffolding that has the assistance of wire ropes or chains, the working platform is paused from roofs. It is a scaffolding that can be lowered or lifted to the desired level.
  • Kwikstage scaffolding. It is a type of scaffolding manufactured from hard-wearing galvanized steel. It is effortless to assemble and simple to take down.

For builders working on small or big projects, a scaffolding system can be a big help to them. Using a safe interlocking and strong system, scaffolding makes building and construction work easier and safe to perform.