All about Freestyle Libre Patches and how does it work

Diabetes is hard to manage, it can be challenging. You must be observant of what you eat. Once you need insulin you need to stick your finger and have your shots many times a day. Yet, luckily there’s modern technology. Some diabetes patches can make it more convenient and easier to live with that condition like the Freestyle Libre Patches.

Not all these patches are a great idea though. The patches you can protect and trust give insulin through the skin. You can trust sensors that you can wear that maintain tabs on your blood glucose levels. These patches aren’t only fancy stickers, they’re part of diabetes management systems. It claims to cater to symptoms with a blend of herbs delivered through your skin.

Know what a FreeStyle Libre is

The FreeStyle Libre was known as the first non-blood calibration CGM system. This means you don’t need to use a finger stick to give a blood sample. Instead, the monitor operates via a small sensor that’s put below the surface of your skin. You have to place the accompanying screen monitor to get your glucose reading. The sensor will last 14 days, after that, you have to replace it with a new one.

The Freestyle Libre Sensor on the abdomen or the upper arm aids you to quickly checking your blood glucose. More grip in daily life provides fitting Freestyle Libre patches, this fixes the small devices even more securely. There are also many ways to express your personality via your diabetes gear. Yet, when there are many choices, it can be hard to choose who’s best to invest in.

Freestyle Libre Patches

Check out the best Freestyle Libre Patches

  • Stick2Hope

Stick2Hope provide a range of patches for a lot of types of devices and they have patches for infusion sets. They have patches for the Freestyle Libre, they have a broad range of patches to suit different personalities. You can buy them in individual patches or in themed packs, or mix and match. These patches last and they’re water-resistant.

Benefits of Stick2Hope:

– Your patch can be personalized

– A different range of patches that suit your skin type

  • Not Just A Patch (NJAP)
  • Not Just A Patch is a company that produces a range of patches for every CGM. Like Omnipod, Dexcom, MiaoMiao, Medtronic, and the Freestyle Libre. The major design of their patches is the non-stick back part patches. NJAP gives a wide range of colors in Freestyle Libre patches, which means you can blend them with your outfits. The designed patches are also waterproof. No skin irritation since it is a quality hypoallergenic adhesive.
  • Expression Med

Expression Med is another well-known company for Freestyle Libre patches. They produce medical adhesives that are put over Continuous Glucose Monitors. And other devices to support them on your skin safer and longer.