Why use plastic packaging for your products?

It is about sustainability and world campaigns to avoid using plastic and litter. However, plastic packaging has been on the negative side. But sometimes many overlooked that plastic packaging in Australia can offer you advantages. These will let you understand that using a thinner film can lessen the amount of plastic in packaging.


Without the use of packing your food will contact different people and surfaces, which is not hygienic. Thinking that you are buying apples and vegetables and you place them in your basket to buy them. It is not likely that you have to place it in a shopping bag or the cashier touches your food after they had touched the money. These are the consequences when there are unpacked products. Plastic packaging is good for sanitary food packaging, using plastics as packaging is good for your health.

Long shelf life

The advantage of using plastic packaging is it protects and preserves the food. It allows you to enjoy the products that come from different places that traveled far. Some products come from other parts of the world. It doesn’t need to heat greenhouses and it exceeds the emissions from transport for environmental impact. With the use of plastic wrap, the product extends its life and makes it a sustainable option.

Lesser fuel consumption

The plastic weighs less than paper packaging. And in every 10% reduction in vehicle weight means a 5 to 7% reduction in fuel consumption and lesser carbon dioxide emissions. The advantage is the overall transportation costs are lessened. When the product has a long shelf life it can be kept for a longer period. And they will take fewer trips to the supermarket.

plastic packaging in Australia

Lesser food waste

Food will be less damaged and spoiled when they are in plastic packaging. Since less food is getting to waste by supermarkets, consumers, and producers. The right packaging makes it viable to buy the right quantities which result in lesser food that can end up to waste.

Thinner films

Some supermarkets are for recyclable packaging and others want to use less packaging material. The ideal alternative to plastic is less plastic. By using thinner films you maintain the advantage of plastic packaging while lessening the amount of plastic.

Challenges of using thinner film

There are packaging manufacturers that look for thinner packaging materials. But the lighter packaging materials have their challenges. As they are hard to process on packaging machines. There are no problems when you are packing a kilo of vegetables in plastic as it can carry its weight. It is why most manufacturers are using thinner plastic so it is easier to decompose.

Recycling plastics with mono-material

Plastic packaging has its benefits. When plastic uses a mono-material it is easier to recycle and another improvement is the reduction of using thinner films.