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This evergreen movie that proves old is gold forever. Dasari Narayana Rao directed this movie. Audiences of the 1980s craved their hearts towards this movie as it was a perfect love story with suspense thrilling based climax. AkkineniNageswar Rao (ANR), acting queen Sri Devi, and natural actress Jayasudha had lead roles. Watch romance movies online.

Explore Evergreen movie “Premabhishekam” with Heart touching acting of AkkineniNageshwar Rao, a Prestigious actor online at Aha OTT

The story follows many characters. ANR, as Rajesh, is from a rich family. Devi  (Sridevi) is a middle-class girl who works as Air hostess. Her brother Mohanbabu and grandma Nirmalamma. Brother’s friend is Murali Mohan. Jayasudha acts like a prostitute.

Rajesh, in love with Devi, expresses his love in various forms. Early, Devi hesitates to talk with Rajesh and would avoid him in spite of his regular meetings. Rajesh plays a trick asking Jayasudha to act as his girlfriend just to charm and create jealousy in Devi. The families of Rajesh and Devi came to know about  Rajesh’s love and wanted to marry her. Devi accepts his love.

The respective families agreed on their wedding. But one fine day, Rajesh came to know about his illness, and it was going to kill him. He doesn’t want to ruin Devi’s life and asks his friend Prasad (Murali Mohan), who was interested in Devi, to marry her.

He pretends to be a spoiled brat spending most of his time with Jayanthi (Jayasudha). So Devi should hate him and marry Prasad. Rajesh’s arrogant behavior made Devi marry Prasad. In Spite of Rajesh’s cancerous patient,Jayanthimarries him and becomes his wife for a short time. A few days later, Devi came to know the truth of Rajesh’s health and rushed to meet him. Rajesh blesses the newly married couple and leaves his last breath.

Every role was unique in the story—musical hit movie with sensuous acting of Sridevi and Jayasudha. Full length acting of AkkineniNageshwar Rao attracts the audience with sorrow for his demise in the climax.

Outstanding movie Premabhishekam by creative Director Dasari Narayana Rao

  1. CAST Starring:AkkineniNageshwar Rao, Sridevi, Jayasudha, Murali Mohan
  2. Director:Dasari Narayana Rao
  3. Music Director: Chakravarthy
  4. Producer: NagarjunaAkkineni,VenkatAkkineni
  5. Genre: Romance drama
  6. Language: Telugu
  7. Format: streaming online video
  8. Watchable devices: the movie can be watched on all supported devices.
  9. Available At: Desktop, laptop, tablet, android device, and iOS and Smart TVs
  10. Where to watch online: aha
  11. Release date: 16 February 1981.

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Legendary Actor AkkineniNageshwar Rao with astonishing acting in the movie “Premabhishekam”. Watch it online at Aha OTT.