A peek into the latest web series streaming on Aha

The Telugu industry has a huge pool of content across various genres. Be it films or Telugu webseries, you can easily stream it on a decent internet connection. You can watch blockbusters with all the action in them in Telugu. You can watch regional hits with a local touch, shot in India and all the best regional content heralded by eminent Telugu directors. The movies look amazing and feel enjoyable to watch 

The Telugu film industry is known to be a conservative industry, and many directors choose not to be flashy with their direction. They might use ‘intense’ music or some really unusual camera angles, but they’re always shunting out quality content rather than trying to play with options that are new and shiny.

The same goes for original webseries and shows streaming on OTT channels like Aha. The incredible production values, amazing performance, and solid scripts ensure hours after hours of amazing entertainment for viewers. 


1 – Anya’s Tutorial

The 7 episodes of 30 minutes each will provide a peek into the cyber horror narrative that revolves around two sisters. Both have trouble sneaking up from their childhood into their young adult lives. But what makes the premise more interesting is the supernatural element woven into the narrative. The lead cast comprises Nivedhithaa Satish and Regina Cassandra. Directed by Pallavi Gangireddy, the episodes have enough twists and turn to emerge as an edge-of-the-seat thriller for horror and thriller buffs.


2 – Kotha Poradu 

If you need a light mix of fun and enjoyment, then you ought to check out this web series. Directed by Anvesh Michael, the cast is headlined by Anvesh himself, along with solid support by Sudhakar Reddy. The realistic nature of the web series shows the hero having a joyful approach but finds himself saddled by the many debts taken by his father. Will he be able to pay off the debts? Does he redeem his name in front of the village? The 10 episodes try to unravel answers to these queries in the web series.  


3 – Alludu Gaaru

What happens when Ajay is forced to stay with his in-laws. Do they live together happily or is every step of life full of conundrums and entertaining confusion? Find out more about the hapless Ajay in these 5 episodes. The crisp story line and amazing performances make the web series a must-watch. 


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