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Teachers aim to do their best to prepare their students for the real world in a better world. In other words, when they plan their lessons, organize their papers, and present their lectures, they do so not only intending to get students to do well in any future exam or project but also to give them skills. And the natural emotions they need to one day cope with problems and situations in the real world. After all, what snowflake test is good for a school if it does not prepare students for what they will experience after school?

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So there is a difference between the types of challenges students face in the classroom and those they will face when they leave the school premises. The situations they find themselves in when they are inside the classroom are often more orderly and more predictable than those that the real world will throw at them, so it makes sense that trying snowflake test to create a classroom environment, i.eSometimes, unorganized and predictable, can be of great benefit to students.

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One tool teachers and professionals can take advantage of is pop questions. Pop questions are a small test that readers do not know is coming. Although many questions are announced in advance, and students are told what kind of items to put together to prepare, pop questions come out. Students may think that a given class day will focus on the talk or discussion but then find out, as soon as possible, that they need to be prepared to take questions.

Thus, students are caught unaware and rely on whatever information they have up to that point. This is similar to out-of-school life because if you are not in high school, you do not really know what kind of work will be required of you every day – sometimes, things just ‘come out, and you have to be ready to do as much as you can at that time.