AllariNareshDoes A Great Job In Highlighting The Commoner’s Fight For Justice

The Telugu film industry is making films with phenomenal creation, course, and structure. Tops of the Telugu entertainment world indeed expect to make motion pictures that are best in each angle. Many depend on visible stories. It may be activity imitation or provocation by police. Police torture is an issue not saw suitably in our country, primarily when Tollywood often supports encounters and non-legitimate killings. There are numerous occurrences in our country wherein casualties have sustained this sort of mercilessness by police. Many Telugu films are raising such issues. Naandhi is such an exciting and captivating movie that it is definitely worth watching. You can watch on aha ott platform.




Vijay Kankamadala gives the direction of this movie. In the story, Bhai Surya (AllariNaresh) is an average programming worker who has an enjoyable presence with his people and life helper. One fine day, he is suddenly caught in the wrongdoing of an unmistakable dissident and is sentenced to jail for five long years. This is when an advocate (VaralakshmiSarathkumar) enters Surya’s life and gets him out of prison. The rest of the story concerns how Surya takes revenge on the liable gatherings by recording the Section 211 case.


Naresh’s work is excellent in featuring the battle for equity of the everyday person. He transmits an uncommon measure of reality into his mentality by his thick facial hair look and adhering consistently with the idea of the class. His facial hair is utilized as the symbolization of his failure to drift in Hyderabad. 


Naandhi has commonly superb camerawork as the jail, and court visuals are adequate. The distribution made through the lighting is exceptionally extraordinary. The adjusting is decently similar to the treatment. The creation regards are marvelous as the film shows up in another light. Going to the boss Vijay, he has made a pleasant appearance with the film. He didn’t turn off the movie with business segments and stayed steady with the emotions. His depiction is astonishing as he handles the subject firmly and sets up characters charmingly. 

Naandhi is a dense and fascinating court sensation with a respectable explanation. This film has exceptional direction and plot. This movie is excellent in every aspect and provides good entertainment to watchers.


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