Why does the entrepreneur not want to put his face on it?

An excuse that I often hear from the entrepreneur to whom I explain the advantages of doing personal branding and “auto-generated content” in the business environment is the lack of time .

I understand very well the difficulty in starting a path like this, I’ve been through it too, and it wasn’t easy. During the day the tasks are many, and naturally priority is given to the things that bring home the bread in the shortest possible time. Everything that is “research”, or rather that will bring long-term results, is relegated to the last, that is … translating … “it will never be done!” .

Another excuse that I often hear to justify one’s “inaction” is the fear of making a mistake . People are often shy, afraid of not being adequate, not knowing how to write, not knowing how to communicate, not being able to speak in public or in front of a microphone or a camera Smart Circle.

So how can he do it? And you?

Smart Circle

If you are among these entrepreneurs who always talk about lack of time and courage, dear friend … I understand you, it’s not that I’m Lembo-Kid and I’m infallible, eee? And don’t my days last 72 hours? But please read this reasoning now and tell me if it wrinkles:

The False Problem of Fear:

If you have chosen to be an entrepreneur, you have made a clear and simple choice, which is NOT TO BE AFRAID . Never! I also made this choice, in 2002, and sometimes I even almost regretted it, because things didn’t turn out the way I wanted and at the beginning, not knowing marketing yet, I didn’t know how to find customers and get paid .

But then I grew up, I studied, I updated myself, I made a path of growth and awareness, and today I am here, with my face on a blog that I do not hide from you, in just over a year, for me it has become a continuous source of authority and customers . And all this thanks to my personal branding path!

And to think that when I was little I also felt “bullied” and I was full of complexes. So if in the end an idiot like me managed to overcome the fear of exposure, why shouldn’t you? That, to be honest, even making mistakes is important: you really should! If it sounds strange to you.