Why do you have to use a custom foam for your products?

When your business produces a good product, it cannot create fast to meet all customer demands. It makes shipping hard because the product is fragile. Using bubble wrap and peanuts will not work when you have to pack them. What you need to do is to have a custom case using custom foam inserts. Custom foam inserts will give protection, making it faster and more presentable. When your business likes to have a productive flow using foam at Clark Rubber will be the best solution to your problem.

It gives the protection it needs for every product

Custom foam inserts will give the best protection for your product during storage and transportation. It is ideal to use because it protects your product to avoid it from being damaged. But it doesn’t only mean that you have to use it. They also depend on the item’s weight, fragility, and the type of environment handed in. After the kind of foam is chosen, it must be the exact fit in the case and give your product complete protection. And once the issue is installed, it will protect all the sides to ensure the impact while the case is closed. The benefit of using foam inserts is giving you the best protection and other benefits.

foam at Clark Rubber

Packing is simple and fast

Using custom foam inserts makes it simple for your products to create fast and produce less waste. And because of its shape where it can mold your product, there is a guide on how it has to be well-packed. It is easier for the new employees to understand and make the correct process. Preparing the items by wrapping them or filling the box with peanuts is a hassle. You only have to put it in the form slot. Using foam inserts, you don’t have to use packaging peanuts, tape, or bubble wrap. Proper product care can last for years when you start using foam.

Presentation impact

The benefit of using foam inserts is that they give you excellent output for a good product presentation. You are delivering a product to a client living across the country to find out the product is broken. It will not impress your client when you start using it for your product. Now you can use an injected molded case using a custom foam insert. You can pick the item easily without any problem. It is the idea of using custom foam for your product to make it easier to lift and bring anywhere.

Using foam inserts for custom use

Using custom cases for your products will be a good idea to prevent them from damaging when they are fragile. The clients will be happy to get the product in good condition and use it immediately.