What kind of shipping container is widely used today?

Shipping containers are the world’s most used cargo that is moved by ships. It can manage to contain a massive amount of goods and the SCF’s container range has different types. Every shipping container has its own weight and it will depend on what kind of container you have to use for your goods. You can learn the types of shipping containers.

The general purpose

It is also called a dry container. The general purpose is totally enclosed to protect from the weather and elements. The roof, walls, and floor are firm. This type of container is the usual type of container which is being used to carry a normal cargo. This container also flexitanks or liner bags for liquid or dry mass cargo.

The flat rack

It is called a flat rack because the side of the container can be bent to look like a flat rack. This can carry and secure the goods that you will be shipping. It is also perfect for cargo that is big enough to fit in this rack. It could be a vehicle, heavy machinery, and construction materials. The 40’ flat rack container is suitable to hold 45 metric tons.

The open-top

The top container of this cargo can be removed to fit all your goods. It is perfect for those goods that are over-height and cannot be loaded in the door. It can be heavy finished products or tall machinery which can be done by crane only. For you to secure the cargo there are lashing rings that are made located in the upper and lower side rails and on the corner. These can be available in the size of 20’ and 40’.

SCF's container range

The double door

The double door is also known as a tunnel container because both doors are used in this container. This container can be helpful because it is fast on loading and unloading the goods. It can also give you a bigger room for the goods to fit. All the doors have locks and it is tightly sealed to protect the cargo from any elements.

The high cube

The high cube has a similarity to the general-purpose container although this container is taller by 1 foot. The containers can be in 40’ and 45’. It is sometimes used because a higher volume capacity is needed.

The open side

It is also the same with the general-purpose containers. The difference between them is you can open the container on the same doors. You can use this to unload and load the materials without hassle. This container can reach 20′ and 40’ and they will give you the chance to change items that are not regular on the doors.

The insulated

You can refer to this container on the ISO containers. This type of cargo is thermal or insulated which needs to be managed properly. The containers are built with electrical compliance to follow the heat and cool of air inside your container. The insulator is known for its vacuum flash known as a thermos bottle. This type of container is perfect because it can still navigate long distances for foods, organs, chemicals, and bool.