The Facility Maintenance Service You Can Trust

Maintaining a building is more than just sweeping the floors, watering the plants, wiping off the dust, and more. When we say maintaining a commercial building, sometimes it means a major renovation to do extensive changes for a particular facility. And one of the most trusted facilities maintenance services is Symmetry Commercial. They provide comprehensive commercial property services. Examples are office fit-outs, demolition, renovation, property maintenance, etc. So if you’re looking to have your properties serviced, you can always trust Symmetry Commercial to provide you with outstanding work.

Symmetry Commercial is known in Australia as one of the most trusted in the industry. So if you’re looking for a facility maintenance service, they’re the people you can go to. They cater for a wide plethora of sectors, such as education, medical, industrial, government, retail, and corporate. Find out more about Symmetry Commercial here.

Educational Facilities

Symmetry Commercial has previous experience working with the education sector. Therefore, they understand the needs and requirements needed to fulfil a 100% working educational facility. For instance, some renovations are unique to the educational sector only. Heavy and high activity levels in repair and preventative maintenance are done during the breaks between the school year to ensure that they don’t disrupt the students’ learning. Furthermore, they have developed the needs and wants of their clients to fully understand what challenges they currently face and what are the solutions to them. So it allows them to adapt to the things their client needs quickly, and they can act on them right away.

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Medical Facilities

Another type of facility that Symmetry Commercial has worked on is medical facilities. Just like in the educational sector, they are well-versed when it comes to the requirements and specific needs of a particular medical facility. Furthermore, they have covered multiple fit-outs inside a medical facility, such as consulting rooms,  dentists, plastic surgeries, and more. Also, some of the most notable works they have done are several Cochlear Care Centres for Cochlear Limited. Therefore, you can’t go wrong with Symmetry Commercial when it comes to fit-outs and renovations for any medical facility you plan to build.

Commercial Spaces

Attracting and keeping a tenant can be challenging, so facilities maintenance is a must for all commercial buildings. Whether it’s high-rise or low rise, Symmetry Commercial has worked with several commercial landlords to keep and attract tenants through base-building upgrades. If your commercial space doesn’t look appealing enough to your tenants, it also won’t be welcoming and wonderful to look at for their customers. Therefore, upgrades are a must to continually adapt to your tenants’ ever-changing needs and wants. For instance, you can upgrade your foyers, end of trip facilities, and such. It’s a part of facility maintenance you need to consider all the time.