The Difference BetweenOverseeding and Slice Seeding Process of Lawn Grass Plantation

Implementation of suitable commercial landscapes that associate with the building improves the overall beauty of the space. The design of commercial landscape majorly includes the installation of various plants with different colors and patterns along with the grass lawns. Grass lawns are adding aesthetic values to the landscape design. Achieving the best result on the creation and installation of grass lawns will be made with different processes like aeration and overseeding and also slice seeding. Knowledge of How To Fertilize Trees better to implement the right process to get the best result. Before that let us see what are those meant exactly.

Aeration: It is more important for grass to grow to develop the lawn. Aeration is the process of making holes in the landscape to supply enough water, oxygen, and required nutrients. In general, due to the climate conditions and human usage, the soil present under the grass will become tough and will create obstacles in the growth of grass. The proper aeration on the land will avoid these and supports for growth of new grasses. This process helps to make greenish and beautiful lawns for the landscape.

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Overseeding:It is a kind of process where the grass seeds will be planted directly into the respective lawn. Due to various factors like foot traffic, insufficient water and heat the grass and the soil present in the lawn will become weak and damaged. The overseeding process supports the grass to restore its life of it. This could not be done in all seasons where the best season to plant the seed is fall.

Slice Seeding: The process of aeration will be made using the machine and it’s producing the slice over the land to plant the seed. This helps the seed to be well placed inside the soil and supports to grow the grass well in manner.

The major difference between lawn aeration and overseeding Vs slice seeding is that spreading the seeds simply over the land in the previous case where the seed is planted well inside the soil helps to grow the grass with strong roots.