He is currently the CEO of mtm choice worldwide. He takes on entrepreneurship as life and lives as a seasoned executive. He has found himself in a front running position at the innovative forefront of global marketing, brand strategy and activation, marketing implementation, and business leadership. In addition, he has proved himself to be an expert in the many fields he has chosen to pursue.

How Alexei Orlov developed his leadership skills

Alexei Orlov took on several leadership roles when he was young, this leadership roles and achievements made him to land even managerial positions at major global organizations worldwide. He became the youngest director at Avon where he worked as a marketing director for Avon Cosmetic Retail Europe. He became the marketing director for Volvo UK. His leaderships skills advanced globally and he landed an advisory role at the Omnicom group where he was the senior adviser to the CEO and chairman of DAS.


Alexei Orlov, got the opportunity to be the overall leader at Volkswagen Brand portfolios across ASEAN and Greater China. As a member of Volkswagen’s Executive Leadership Team, he  was in cooperation responsible for the commercial excellence of the company’s important regional business, as well as being co-responsible for the brand reliability and marketing deployment of the organization’s key brands,

 He was also the founding member of the paperchase Retail Group where his communication and branding passion started.  Today, he boasts over 30 years of business leadership experience in over 40 countries around the world with over 50 marketing brands. He believes that his entrepreneurial accomplishments, the businesses he has built from the bottom up, as an intricately woven part of his entire existence.

 He is the owner of MCW and ROCQM a company that specializes in brand making strategy.  Moreover, he became the marketing brand communication director for Volvo cars; it is believed that during that time, the company became the second largest national sales company for the entire Volvo Corporation.

Who is Alexei Orlov?

Alexei Orlov was planning on becoming a clergyman. He had already felt called to lead, but he was formerly called to serve as a minister of the church. Alexei was prepared to answer the call. His job had to assist people on their spiritual paths. Despite being compelled to quit seminary, he did not waste the time he spent on spiritual growth.

The priesthood equips a man with the skills necessary to cope with high-level leadership scenarios. According to the global marketing specialist, this education was the perfect basis for the career he had to undertake.

An Inspirational Global Marketer

Orlov, Alexei Learns How to assemble a Brand

Alexei Orlov claims he has found his real calling with the corporate world after leaving the priesthood.After seminary, he worked in the world of merchandising for the first time. This work made him to explore and grow his artistic side while still learning useful business skills. Alexei has the chance to consider color and teamwork in addition to packaging and sizing.Alexei was permitted to participate in the financial along the market as well as the artistic revolution in the merchandising world.

He picked work titles that established mature thinking about all facets in the business environment from the beginning of his business world adventures.Early involvement in innovative and moments of operational business helped Orlov to develop as a leader of business in all endeavors, resulting in stepping stones to achievement that are more quickly navigated. Orlov easily maneuveredand decipheredhis way up those blocks.

Soon, he was securely planted in multinational leadership positions, owning every part of the companies he led, much as he had learned as a newcomer to the corporate world as a business person. He soon transformed his corporate leadership positions into an entrepreneurship challenge by setting out to start his own company.