FasciaBlaster – Your Complete Buying Guide

Are you aware about the term FasciaBlasting? You might a little confused seeing many different products available on sale online and not sure whether any of them really works. Today, we will review one of the top products that have become quite famous on Facebook and it is FasciaBlaster designed by Ashley Back.

What is FasciaBlaster?

FasciaBlaster is one amazing tool designed by the famous author Ashley Black. It is a self-propelled tool and has approximate 1.6-pound wand with two handles on both the ends, so that users can hold it gently and apply required pressure. In a middle of this hand-held wand, you will find 4 attached “fingers” or claws made to dig deep in the fascia and massage your skin to remove stored cellulite.

The four “claws” attached in the middle helps to break up the fascial adhesions and remove your body cellulite. You can check out complete video on how to use this tool in a right way, in case you are a beginner; the developer has released a proper video that will help you understand how FasciaBlaster works in your body.

How Are Cellulite and Fascia Connected?

Checking out the recent theories, still not proven by science, cellulite isn’t connected with fat but more with fascia. Looking at the cellulite theory, the moment fascia goes out of shape, fat pockets within will get trapped and result in a dimpled type of skin. Though there is a lot of disagreement with the theory. But, some group people speculate cellulite to be genetic and no physical manipulation can cure it ever.


So, the final idea in using the FasciaBlaster device is you can break up adhesions that can cause cellulite, and result in improved flow of blood and smoother and healthy skin. For better result, make sure you use the technique of using FasciaBlaster.