1.    Introduction

Crime is increasing enormously all over the world at faster rate. IN order to prevent this the lovers put forward that is criminal law. Bylaws are the laws under criminal law are being implemented in  order to make   society free from  criminal activities committed by criminal and also make criminal free society. Due to above reason by laws under the criminal law are in action around the globe .they are put forward to verify the crime rates and also make efforts to decrease the crime rate and have a healthy society .If any individual seeking to approach a criminal lawyer here is brampton criminal defense lawyer where Miss Johal a well experienced criminal lawyer how make her clients happy and punish the criminal.

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2.    Seven elements to know about criminal law

1)Legality–(Accordance to  the law)

2)Actus Reus— (Conduct of the Crime)

3)Causation— (Action of doing something)

4)Harm— (material or physical damage)

5)Concurrence— (Events of one or more events  committed at the same hour)

6)Mens Rea— (Intention of the committing wrongful act which is considered as a part of crime)

7)Punishment–(Imposition of the penalty or payback  to the court towards committing an offence).

They constitute the 7 important Elements of the Criminal Law.

The job of criminal lawyer it’s too tough because he has to catch the actual criminals and impose penalty off or give punishment. In brampton criminal lawyer defense where miss Johal is well experienced and make their clients happy and punish the criminals. The criminal law let’s put forward to punish the criminal sand to decrease the crime rate in their respective states and make them people healthy and make Fear free society.

Ms. Johal usually represents the people who have never had any experience of previous dealings with the criminal law. She recognizes them  what an utmost experience this can be done for her clients and make her efforts to guide them through the  criminal process and provides exceptional and various personalized service. When you want to hire Ms. Johal your case is thought as fresh case to her and it will not be assigned to any junior lawyer. Ms. Johal will herself work through the case and achieve the best possible conclusion for ones case.

3.   To sum up

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