Folks nowadays are increasingly into social media for any reference such as cooking DIY hacks entertainment to develop their hobbies or people who cannot afford or go out travel can study online. The entire education system, in particular, is reliant on online classrooms, class uploading, and the use of technology in every field. There are numerous stories that have surfaced and become popular on social media.


It was incredibly small and very niche of The Soul Publishing confesses of the company’s new beginnings as a blog for the marketing business .when the Internet was still in its early days of baby steps. As the Internet grew, we opportunities grow as well, moving away from only talking to advertisers and into something with a broader audience. Firstly the company branched out into memes essentially sharing entertaining facts, photographs, other material stuff but no video with the same content being translated and localized for the other countries and different languages. TheSoul Publishing made a mark this year to become the first media company to reach highest social media online content views .Based on recent survey done from social video analysis by other video content labs. The Soul Publishing’s short video content profile which includes highly recognized channels which has different contents such as challenges, pranks, and short comedy, DYI science and experiments, has excelled the company to the highest of the social media views on YouTube and Facebook. It’s both encouraging and inspiring to look what The Soul Publishing has accomplished on social media platform, reaching billions of fans and making them apart as one of the world’s most recognizable creative brands.

TheSoul Publishing

 The Soul Publishing avoided the mistake made by Jeffrey Katzenberg with other members the short-lived short-form subscription service that holds for eight months after its launch in April last year that The Soul Publishing invested in hands-on producers and data-driven web analytics rather than the whims of Hollywood creative. They operate in a completely different manner. It’s completely driven by demand was explained by the publishing. Analyzing the data to know the customers need what the audience looking for and the content to meet those needs. Then the next important thing to look here is what receives the best response from the audience, and how to expand our production capacity to create more of that type of content across all platforms and languages.