Some Easy Tips When Buying Women’s Running Shoes

It is commonly stated that running is one of the cheapest sports. It’s because apart from a consistent motivation, all you need is a durable pair of running shoes. However, it can be daunting to look for a great pair due to the multiple brands and models available for you. Professionals say you must replace your running shoes every 500 miles. But what exactly is the best pair of running shoes for women?

Men’s versus Women’s Running Shoes

According to a 2009 research, women tend to have narrower heels compared to men in terms of the circumference of the ball of the foot. A lot of running shoes that are marketed for women have a different heel design compared to those designed for men. That means you can expect women’s running shoes to have a different heel shape and design than men’s.

Women tend to have wider hips than men as well. This means that their outer soles tend to strike the ground first. This is called pronation. Pronation is taken into account in running shoes for women and the design tends to have a different arch support.

running shoes for women

Distinctive Features of Running Shoes for Women

The following features make running shoes for women stand out from men’s running shoes:


The sole of the shoes is different. This is meant to accommodate the weight difference. Women runners are known to have less muscles by 15 percent. This means they are lighter and their running shoes have less ground impact.


Running shoes for women are wider on the forefoot. These are often wide on the toe area and narrow on the heel side. This is because of the unique shape of women.

How to Choose the Right Pair

The following are some features to consider when buying a new pair of women’s running shoes:


Other runners prefer to have more cushioning to absorb shock. It would be best if you test the amount of cushioning of your preferred shoes to know what works for you. If necessary, you may add a padding too if this gives you more comfort.

Height of the Shoes’ Heels

The heels of your running shoes will affect the comfort you receive when you run. It’s better to choose a pair that has soles to give you support when you are in motion.


Your running speed and the level of comfort your shoes provide you depend on how the shoes fit you. If it’s too tight, it may cause an injury. Ill-fitting shoes may end up giving you blisters and slowing you down. It would be best to test-run before you buy a new pair.

Ankle Collar

The anke collars of the shoes must be comfortable to you both on the front and back parts. Consider this as one of the major factors when you buy a pair. It would help a lot to try the shoes first and walk in them for a while.


Make sure to check the outer soles when you buy your pair of running shoes. The surface you will be running on will determine the right shoes with the appropriate outer soles.