People who prefer warmer climates choose places like Florida. It is popular as the Sunshine State because of its being sunny and warm for about 200 days a year. It is not easy to choose where to live in Florida since there are many options. Visiting sites like will help you find the perfect home. There are things you should know before you move to Florida.

Beach Setting For You At The Emerald Coast

Party scene

Contrary to the belief of most people, the party scene is not omnipresent in Florida. South Florida is sought-after for its many raucous parties. But, it does not give an accurate picture of Florida as a whole.

South and North

Most people are not aware that South Florida and North Florida are pretty different. South Florida flows with nightlife and is more diverse. The Latin American and Caribbean influence is very obvious in the southern half of the state. South Florida is more prone to events related to climate change. It also feels the impact of rising sea levels. The climate in North Florida is different from its southern counterpart. The northern part of the state, where the capital is, is not as vulnerable when it comes to climate change.


There is what people call a hurricane season in South Florida. It is best to keep an eye on weather alerts and board up your windows during this season. Doing a bit of research on hurricane safety before moving to Florida will make it easier for you.

Disney World, Universal Studios, and Daytona 500

There is no reason why you should not visit these three if you have the budget. The experience will blow your mind. Going to Disney World and Universal Studios will be more fun if you have kids with you. Even if you are not a fan of car racing, you will enjoy the great American Race.