More Facts About Ink Cartridges

Non-original ink cartridges come at half the price. Hence it is natural to wonder why one would have to spend twice as much money to buy original inkjet cartridges. Instead of saying that using non-original ink cartridges is pointless, let me list some of their major drawbacks.

Many companies in the market produce inkjet cartridges suitable for printers. Some printer cartridges are manufactured specifically for specific printers.

Many people do not know how to buy ink cartridges and are refilled from local suppliers. If you are annoyed by the steep decline in ink cartridges’ sales, follow the promotion methods and advertising to increase their sales without making any special efforts greatly.

The original cartridges outperform their non-original counterparts by a huge margin. If your toner cartridge isn’t bombarding its optimum performance, it may be a counterfeit counterpart that has fooled you. Counterfeit ink cartridges fail to provide sharp, clear print, and most can only provide faded imaging. Ink dust, leaks, and ink streaks are some of the counterfeit cartridges’ indicators and place limits on their performance. Although the counterfeit products are cheap, no warranty or guarantee will follow. Plus, their average lifespan is less than two months.

The original ink columns should maintain the highest quality print output. The chances of ink dust, leaks, and streaks are meager. They can provide high-quality photography. Although it may seem a bit pricey compared to counterfeit products, it is covered by warranty and guarantee. They are not prone to the problems that usually appear in counterfeit products. From studies conducted by many organizations, it is found that counterfeit ink fails more than 7 times out of 10. Meanwhile, the original ink cartridge max is not expected to fail at least once.

You can also tell if a cartridge is original or counterfeit by comparing the cartridge box’s production codes and the same cartridge. The first five production codes on the box for HP cartridges must match the flange sleeve. If they don’t match, you have a counterfeit cartridge on your hands. You will also realize that major inkjet cartridge manufacturers usually use protective tape on their cartridges; Therefore, if this tape is missing, you should think twice before purchasing it. But you have to note that some fake ink cartridges are very difficult to notice; In such a case, you only need to use the cartridge. The printer software on your computer will notify you whether the toner cartridge you are using is counterfeit or original.

Cheap inkjet fails to produce the same copies as original ink. Although you might think you might save a little with a counterfeit inkjet printer, past customer experiences suggest a different story. Counterfeit inkjet will shorten the life of your printer. So by the time you are using your original inkjet printer, you may have to buy a new one for yourself too!