How to understand better Neurotherapy and how it will affect your body?

Neurotherapy is to activate the neuroplastic change of the brain cells’ structure. Mostly the neuroplastic change means they have to rewire the neurons in your brain. It can make a difference internally or externally. It is biofeedback to help you enhance your cognitive functions, mood, and behaviour. It will help you quiet your mind and be a painless way to do it with no side effects. You might be wondering about the training that needs to be done to make your feel better. These are the usual questions people ask to make you feel at ease.

How is it used clinically?

You can think of the central nervous system relates to dysregulation. It is used for anxiety, ADD, ADHD, autism, panic attacks, and traumatic brain injury. All of these are without the expense and sometimes ineffective drugs. It will train the different problems to use and get a positive result.

How many sessions?

When you become a neurofeedback practitioner, many will ask you how many sessions will improve the situation. The answer will depend on every condition they are experiencing. Every person will have a different outcome in different sessions. They can be visiting regularly, but they are still experiencing it. It is because the treatment time will depend on every client and how their body has to handle it. Usually, the younger you will have brain development and plasticity, the shorter the treatment. But it will matter on the severity of your case, another factor they are considering. When you are experiencing a traumatic brain injury, it will be a longer process compared to ADHD. The goal of the treatment is to complete most of the brain training to secure consistency and benefits.

become a neurofeedback practitioner

How regular are you coming for the training?

The ideal training is once a week or three to four times a week. It will be helpful depending on your case. It will matter on your issue and the recommendations from your clinical Supervisor.

When to stop training?

They will not recommend you to stop training because it can make the symptoms get better. It will take time for the brain to function and learn. When you continue training for a few sessions after knowing there is a constant and sound improvement. You will have a healthier pattern in your new brain habit.

How long will you notice any changes?

There will be people that will start to notice any changes within the six sessions. But it will depend on what kind of improvements are being tracked. Usually, it can take ten sessions to know there are changes in the treatment. The client and clinician will talk about the progress when they know there are changes. Sometimes they will not notice the changes, but those close to them will see. It means the brain is functioning and responding, which can be undetectable during training. The clinicians will observe their sleeping patterns because it is easier to notice the changes.