How to Prepare For Car Transport?

If you are planning to transport the car, no matter whether it is across the state or country, it is very important to prepare your car beforehand. Right preparation will make sure your vehicle arrives at the destination safe. Thus, how to prepare for your car transport? Check out for a few tips that will assist you get started and hire Dreamline Logistics Car Shipping‍ service.

Clean your car

This might appear to be a tough task, but it is important. Clean car can allow you see any current damage, and will make it simple to spot new damage that might happen during your car transportation. Ensure you remove personal belongings from your car, as majority of the car transport companies will not allow them to get transported.

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Inspect your auto car for pre-existing damages

You can take pictures of the car from each angle to document dents, scratches, and other damage. It is very important if new damage takes place during the transport, as you will have proof of your car’s pre-existing state.

Remove loose parts and accessories

It includes things such as bike racks, spoilers, and various non-permanent accessories. Suppose you cannot remove those items, ensure you secure them if possible.

Turn off your car alarm

Before you start shipping, ensure you turn off the vehicle alarm. Suppose alarm goes off during the transport, it will drain your car battery, thus leaving you with the dead battery on arrival. Ensure you leave enough gas in a tank to get your car on/off the transport truck. Quarter tank of gas must be enough.

Final Words

Select a reputable car transport company. Search for the company that is insured, licensed, and has very good reputation. Ensure you do proper research and check reviews before you you’re your final decision.