Give Your Baby The Soothing Care They Deserve.

Changing a baby’s diaper doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Not just babies, but also the people who change them. A ball of them can roll around, grab anything, and make a huge mess! This is why there is such a thing as a “baby changing basket.” Help ease your mind and that of your newborn by giving you some much-needed rest.

Several types of diaper changing baskets can be found at Bashiri. Since it was weaved by hand, you know it was made with love. As an example, think about the contents of their diaper bag:

Insert for Baby Basket Mattress

Embrace the coziness! The Moses Carry Basket or Infant Change Basket is transformed into a pleasant experience for the infant with the addition of supportive foam padding encircled by soft cotton.

An additional recommendation for easier cleaning is to use a pillowcase or protective cover.

Sarsparilla, the Baby’s Change Basket

Bolga baby changing baskets are crafted in Africa from sustainable materials and are designed for comfort.

Length: 76 centimeters Width: 43 centimeters Depth: 12 centimeters (excludes handle)

The Vegan Baby Changing Basket: The Shining

A bolga baby changing basket in the VEGAN design (no leather) made in Africa using locally sourced, eco-friendly materials.

The product’s external measurements are: (L x W x H) 76 x 43 x 11 cm (height excludes handles)

Animal-Free Diaper Changing Station – Outdoor

Bolga baby changing basket in the VEGAN design (no leather) made in Africa from natural materials.

The product’s measurements are as follows: length: 76 cm width: 43 cm height: 11 cm (height excludes handles)

Backyard Vegan Baby Change Basket

Bolga baby changing basket in the VEGAN style (no leather) made in Africa from all-natural materials.

76 x 43 x 11 centimeters (L x W x H) (height excludes handles)

baby change basket

Alfonse’s Changing-Case Gift Set

At some point, even the most accomplished performer has to hang up their pointe shoes.

Product dimensions are 75cm x 45cm x 11cm (inches) (height excludes handles)

Horatio’s Changing Mat

Overly ambitious people have trouble getting to sleep.

The box is 75 cm by 45 cm by 11 cm in size (height excludes handles)

baby change basket with Blueberry Pancakes

An upholstered bolga baby changing basket made in Africa using eco-friendly materials.

Length 78 cm Width 43 cm Height 13 cm (height excludes handles)

Elephant grass, from the rich river plains of the White Volta near the northern Ghanaian community of Bolgatanga, is used to hand-weave the Bashiri baby changing baskets. with thick, leather grips (sourced from responsibly-managed goats) and a sizable working surface. Spread out some blankets on the floor, and you’ll have the perfect place to change.

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