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Marijuana can stay in your body for days, weeks, or a whole month after you last used it. The rate at which marijuana enters the body is determined by the person’s metabolism and the level of living of THC. Although the reported half-life of THC is 1 to 10 days and nights, it can differ based on who used it, when, and many other factors. Therefore, it is difficult to calculate a specific period and the THC will disappear completely from your body. A person’s metabolism and the amount of substances smoked also affect the amount of time a person must take to pass a drug test without testing positive. The THC half-life is the time it takes for the body to lose half of the THC. Therefore, if you smoke more marijuana, your person will have to wait longer before the THC drops below a detectable level. But, as a general rule, when you buy bulk weed, you can stay in the body for 3-30 days and nights, depending on the metabolic rate and the amount of marijuana smoked.

Short-term health effects

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There are numerous physical and neurological consequences associated with marijuana use. Some of the short-term effects of misuse include increased heart rate, low blood pressure, anxiety, decreased conception, and poor performance with short-term episodic memory, psychomotor coordination, working memory, and awareness. Symptoms of marijuana deficiency are not as severe as with other medications, and medications are not required. Deficiency symptoms can include nausea, sweating, weight loss, tremors, insomnia, etc. People who try on T-shirts also have short-term health effects.

Long-term health effects

The long-term health effects of push and turn remain uncertain. But the research done so far suggests that regular and consistent use of THC or marijuana may play a role in cancer and problems with the respiratory and immune systems. Research shows that people who smoke 5 joints carry cancer-causing chemicals, just like someone who smokes a full load of cigarettes every day. Smoking and tobacco use can change the lining of the airways and lead to cancer. Smoking marijuana has also been linked to testicular cancer.