Factors behind the success of The Soul Publishing digital studio

There is no doubt that many individuals have come across the original digital content created and distributed by the diverse group of storytellers and digital artists who make up The Soul Publishing. In fact, Tubular Labs recognized this formidable digital studio for drawing in the most distinct viewers globally.

TheSoul Publishing’s vibrant portfolio of media brands promotes upbeat, helpful, and consistently entertaining content for all ages with clever craft tutorials for the family DIYer, an animated couple that teaches us about relationships humorously, or a musical soundtrack that speaks to your inner rock star.

Five Minute Crafts, Bright Side, 123 GO! Avocado Couple, La La Life, Slick Slime Sam, Teen-Z, Polar, and a plethora of other well-known channelsĀ are among its collection.

Positive, entertaining, and fun content:

The Soul Publishing is known for producing entertaining and enticing short-form content. 81 percent of respondents to a recent national study by the digital studio felt that “fun and encouraging online video content will become an even more essential and popular source of entertainment.”

The Soul Publishing

Short-form video content exploded in popularity among younger populations in the weeks and months before the outbreak. However, more than 84 percent of consumers reported spending more or the same amount of time watching short-form videos as a result of the pandemic, which sparked significantly larger growth in the genre.

Cooking/baking and DIY/crafting were among the most popular types of consuming material that users saw in contrast to six months previously. Covid’s restrictions on food and entertainment alternatives outside the home led to a rise in DIY projects, and 5-Minute Crafts masterfully heeded the cry of the pandemic DIYer, sending its viewership into overdrive.

TheSoul Publishing can be found throughout social media:

TheSoul Publishing does not only publish content on one social media network. Like the majority of well-known digital studios, it produces content for a variety of channels to engage audiences. It currently uses Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram to display its intriguing businesses.