Pocket Games developed Episode Choose Your Story. It is a top-rated video game with interactive stories built for mobile devices. As a player, you get to create interesting characters and decide on how their story would turn out. You also get to view stories created by other players. The game is compatible with most Android and iOS mobile devices.


One of the best things about this game is that you can customize how your avatar will look like. You can develop relationships with different characters depending on your preference. You can use your character to live the life of your dream. It is also up to you to make your character friends with others or make them lovers or rivals. The game gives you unlimited options.


Free passes and gems

You need free passes and gems to unlock each episode in this game. The quickest way to get them is to buy them. Some people consider them expensive so they resort to episode cheats.

Aside from unlocking episodes, you can use your gems to buy various in-game things. Valuables, outfits, and assets for your characters are available in the game. Having a lot of gems will let you customize your characters to your perfect liking. Some actions or decisions in the game also need gems. You can create a more exciting story when you use gems for these.

For example, there are instances where you can use gems to choose a particular outfit. Selecting the default outfit will not develop your character or improve any relationship. Developing an incredible storyline will depend on gems.

Episode cheats

If you think gems are too expensive to buy, you can get episode gems online. You only have to follow certain episode cheats. In case you are wondering, these cheats are legal.

Social media accounts

Download the game from gamescraft. org/episode and connect your social media accounts with the Episode app on your mobile device. You will receive free gems as a reward when you do this. You can link your social media account to interact with your friends, too.


There is one more simple way to get free gems in the game. Wait. The game gives you three gems and a free episode pass for every four hours. If you are patient enough, this is a convenient option. You do not have to buy gems or connect your accounts.

Referral links

Like most games, getting game codes from other players will give you free gems in Episode. You can check out various official Episode forums for referral codes. Following referral links from Episode partners will also let you earn free gems. Be careful when clicking any link. Although there are many legitimate sites, there are also several malicious sites.

You can play this game for free if you are patient enough. But, playing with gems will bring the most out of it.