Ballroom dance and its types

Ballroom dancing is a strong and rooted tradition in our country and for this reason,n many people propose to learn it every year.  Here are what dances …

The ballroom dance is so defined because it is a type of dance that must be practised only in a specific dance room and with proper ballroom practice wear dress, it is great for having fun, socializing and learning to dance for all ages.  Its origins date back to the last decades of the 19th century when knightly dances were recalled.  The place where they are said to have been born in Romagna, but other regions claim their paternity.

ballroom practice wear

This type of dance is to be done in pairs and has a very formal and clean mood, it does not require the partners to touch each other more than necessary, but it is elegant and composed in every movement.  When we refer to this art we also speak of ballroom dancing.  The adjective refers to sliding your feet to the rhythm of the music.

The ideal context for dancing this type of dance is a dance floor with a beautiful orchestra playing live, with a clarinet and, if desired, even a soloist who sings.  The protagonists of the scene have elegant evening dresses, like those for gala evenings.  For her, a beautiful long dress that highlights her movements, with comfortable but very feminine heels is perfect;  a nice suit is fine for him.  Today we find ballroom dancing in dance halls, fun, carefree, informal or in competitions, obviously much more set and made of glitter.

Ballroom dance list of types

The types of dances that fall into this genre are different, the list for ballroom dancing and ballroom dancing essentially includes three types which are:

  • the slow waltz,
  • the hall tango,
  • the foxtrot.

The slow waltz is the most common and is characterized by flexible, elegant and sweet movements. The last genre, the foxtrot is a ballroom dance that you can learn by learning the typical movements with a cheerful and quick style.

According to some, mazurka, polka, swing, bachata are also included in ballroom dances and for this reason, if you are in a ballroom dance course, these disciplines may also be taught.Ballroom dancing is a discipline that adults, but also children like, and which, even for many successful television programs, has become very popular in recent times.