Automated Phone Systems for Small Scale Businesses

The litigious nature of society is changing the culture of dental hygiene. Too many practitioners have been made to think less about what’s best for the patient and more about how to best guard against legal action. Dental liability protection doesn’t have to interfere with care. A phone system for small businesses provides substantial protection for any practice.

A malpractice action without proper documentation boils down to “he said, she said” and that isn’t the best method of dental liability protection. This also leads to the issue of fallible human memory. Are you going to remember details of an incident that happened months before, especially an event which didn’t seem exceptional at the time? Phone system for small businesses documentation is vital to any new clinic.

Even though a narrative description of a visit or process is a fantastic place to start, it is not the ideal method of instruction. Many clinics find that using regular forms is a better way to record important details. By filling in every box on the form, the phone system for small businesses team is motivated to think about and write down every detail. No documentation will be ideal, but the attempt to create an accurate and thorough record will count for a lot in court and is still a potent tool for dental liability protection.

Checklists Lead to Better Care

People aren’t perfect, and most of us forget to do things. This is particularly true when something gets regular. Our minds get bored and wander, and then we lose track of what we’ve done and what we haven’t. You leave for work and can’t recall if you locked the back door. You remember locking it, but maybe that was one of the other thousand times you did. This becomes a huge issue when dental care is demanded.

Dental Practice Software Makes It Easier

While pen and paper are still invaluable documentation tools, advances in dental software have taken much of the struggle and inaccuracy out of the system. Old software applications were clumsy to work with and challenging to learn. They had been limited in extent and frequently had to be supplemented with traditional paper charts.

Today’s program makes documentation a snap, in many cases allowing notes to be taken directly at the computer while the patient is being viewed. Dental applications are made to be simple to use without a lot of training or confusing commands. The accession of such a system is a valuable investment that can protect a dental practice from the legal activity and help offer better patient care.