Automate The Distribution With Smart Shipping Software

Today, freight services have been in demand. With the growing business for import and export services, freight companies are growing in numbers, too. Therefore, the competition between the shipping companies becomes higher. Choose the ultimate carrier with an advanced service, such as being equipped with freight management software.

Freight management system

FMS (Freight Management System) is a software system that assists businesses with freight shipping operations. FMS is designed to facilitate the freight shipping processes and saves businesses money and time. The FMS is a powerful SaaS application that helps freight forwarders, shippers, and brokers to manage business processes more effectively. Freight Management System automates a lot of tasks associated with freight shipping, such as:

  • Quote management
  • Carrier selection
  • Booking
  • Documentation
  • Tracking
  • Invoicing

FMS is used in FTL, LTL, and intermodal freight shipping. Additionally, it is used for:

  • Domestic
  • International shipments

freight management software

How can it help the business?

There are several ways the FMS help businesses with freight shipping needs. Here are the notable benefits of FMS:

  • Save money. FMS helps businesses save money because it gets the best rates from carriers. FMS has a database of carriers and rates. The businesses can compare rates and select the most affordable choice for their needs. In addition, FMS helps businesses skip late fees and some other charges. The system tracks shipments and ensures to been delivered on time.
  • Save time. FMS saves businesses time as it automates several tasks associated with freight shipping. Automation helps businesses more time on tasks. FMS helps these tasks be done easily and quickly.
  • Improved efficiency. FMS helps businesses boost overall efficiency. The system streamlines the freight shipping process. With FMS, the business can ship products more easily and quickly. It leads to improve customer satisfaction and increases sales. FMS includes these features:
  • Route planners
  • Optimizes delivery destinations cost-effectively

These features help the freight business efficiency because the system optimizes without you hassled or overthinking. The feature can assist customers and dispatchers, lessens unnecessary costs, and reduces preparation time.

  • Improve customer service. FMS helps business boost customer service. The system gives customers real-time updates on the shipments. The customers track their shipments and exactly see when the arrival or delivery period is. The information helps them plan and ensure they are available to receive them.
  • Reduce errors. FMS helps businesses decrease errors. It is because the system automates many tasks associated with freight shipping. Businesses avoid mistakes, such as forgetting to track the shipment or double-booking by automating these tasks. The errors may cause delays and some other problems, but can’t be avoided with the FMS. The FMS offers many benefits to the business. If you are looking for ways to boost freight shipping operations, the FMS is the right solution.